China Born, Florida Raised, Texas Living

September 18, 2017


Hello there! I’m Molly, the new editor for the Tejano Tribune. You may recognize my column, “Molly’s Mentions,” from my past year as layout editor.


My op-eds have ranged from environment to lifestyle and travel. I am very thankful to share my written opinion with others and am looking forward to what this year will bring.

I am originally from Miami, Florida where I lived for the first 12 years of my life. After Florida I moved to Virginia and later to Texas. 

As a child I got in trouble for writing narratives or reading fiction novels in class instead of paying attention. I suppose that’s when my passion for story-telling began. 

Even though I tried different hobbies when I was in middle and high school, like sports or drawing, writing has always stuck with me and it is what I reverted to. I find that writing is the best way for me to organize and define my thoughts.

 I also tend to be more articulate if I physically write what I am thinking rather than come up with it on the spot.


English class was my favorite subject in school every year by far and in 8th grade I joined the student newspaper. In high school, I floated over to graphic design and picked up the skills which allowed me to become layout editor. 

I initially started community college as an English major and switched to Journalism after just one semester. Thus far, I have loved pursuing communications and being a member of the Tejano Tribune.


I feel especially engaged and riveted when I am surrounded by other students and advisors who share the same passion that I do and who can guide me in the right direction. 

My highest aspiration is to become the editor-at-large or editor-in-chief for a magazine in an urban city.


If I could have creative control over the stories involved and the general layout of a publication, that would be the ultimate job for me. A couple of my favorite publications are TIME and National Geographic.

Both are very different in terms of subject matter however, they manage to pull in their reader with info-related graphics and relevant topics.


I started reading magazines last year at my local library to give me new ideas I could manipulate when I was layout editor.


But aside from that, the reading helps expand my vocabulary and study different writing styles. I would encourage anyone to consider browsing through a magazine because they simplify heavy topics in an aesthetically pleasing format.

My short-term goal, in terms of education, is to transfer to a big university in Chicago or Boston.


Though I have not visited either of those places yet, I believe that their programs are well-rounded and could bolster my experiences and opportunities for my future career.

I would also be elated if I could study abroad for a semester or two somewhere in Europe and learn a new language like Italian or German, or simply improve my Spanish. 

Apart from my career plans, I am also determined to continue traveling for the rest of my life.


This past summer I visited Costa Rica, Italy and Germany and immersed myself in their cultures in an attempt to experience their way of living as closely as possible.


With this, I’ve learned to consider the viewpoints of others to truly understand their opinions and reflect that in my writing.


Ciao for now, until my next editorial, if you have any concerns or comments you would like to share with me this semester email me at

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