Ways to not be a couch potato this summer

May 2, 2017

 For those of you who are reading this, I challenge you to attempt a new hobby this summer.

As college students, we have a habit of finding it very easy to freeload all summer binge watching Netflix, grazing on potato chips or baking in the sun a.k.a skin cancer. 

College students are also always complaining that they don’t know what they want to be in life or that they never have time to do the things they want to accomplish.


Well, now is everyone’s chance to catch up. 

Trying a new activity sounds like a waste of time, money and energy at first but you might find that you really enjoy it.


Even better, you might end up loving it so much that you do it for several months or for the rest of your life. 

Money is definitely a factor however, you could try picking up your friend’s hobby and borrowing the necessary tools or renting what you need until you make a final verdict. 

I’m sure if I were to ask any random person what is something they have always want to do, that they would have an answer in mind.

If not, you could learn how to horseback ride, paint/draw, shoot a gun, handcraft jewelry, drive a stick shift car, swim, make a new friend, use a DSLR camera, cook, bake, self-defense, a new language, you can even learn how to ice skate with the El Paso Hockey Association. 

You also don’t have to undertake these things alone.


Engage your family and friends to do so with you.


At the very least, a good time will have come out of it. 

Summer is also the time to finish things that were left undone like painting a room, organizing your closet, getting rid of clutter, writing a book, directing a short film, vacuuming your car, mowing the lawn and all the other numerous jobs that never seem to get done. 

If you’re feeling especially ambitious you could also adopt a pet or volunteer your time to helping others or the planet.


Pets are a more serious commitment but if you have the time and money, there are an infinite amount of animals that need a permanent home and a loving family. 

Volunteering is also a viable option and can go on a resume.


The community is always in need and volunteer work doesn’t have to be boring.


If you like to talk a lot you can keep a senior company, if you like animals you can help the El Paso Zoo, if you care about the environment you can clean up the mountains with Keep El Paso Beautiful.

There is always something to do, don’t let yourself be a couch potato this summer and try something you’ve never done.


Especially here in America, we have so many things available to us that other countries might not so, we might as well take advantage of that. 


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