Sleight's tragic plot is captivating

May 2, 2017

If you are looking for an entertaining thriller to watch over this summer then Sleight is a movie you might be interested in. 



Sleight has made $1.7 million so far and a ranking of 14th at the box office.


This movie is about a young man, Bo, whose both parents passed away and is left with his little sister to take care of.


He turns to drug selling and his passion for magic by performing as a street magician to keep a roof over their heads. 

Everything seems to be going well until all of a sudden Bo's sister is kidnapped by a drug lord who claims he stole drugs from him and won’t get his sister back until his drug money is paid in full. 

Now it’s up Bo to turn to the only tools he had, his wits and skills as a magician. 

This movie takes you on a cinematographic journey from the very beginning using many sequences from mid shots to close ups focusing on many photo frames of this young man’s life that goes by “Bo” while a voicemail plays in the background letting us know about his parents’ passing. 

Through the introduction, there is the transition of his broken past and horrific tragedy to his present and the reality of what he has to do to make a living. 

While watching this cinematic thriller, the director kept a very down-to-earth storyline by connecting with the audience by articulating it for the audience to relate with Bo who does what he can in his will to give his sister the best he can even if it means putting his family’s safety at risk.

Throughout the scenes, there is this other medium shot that reveals a key event in Bo’s life in which the audience discovers that Bo had a scholarship going for him because of his academic performance but doesn’t pursue his academic career because of the traumatic impact the death of his parents had on him.  

The director’s storytelling has a very creative perspective making Bo’s struggle grueling just by the fact that not only Bo has to deal with trying to keep a roof over their head, but to also fill those parenting roles for his sister.

 Bo has to juggle in his life simultaneously when all of a sudden Bo finds himself in a very difficult situation when there is an altercation with the drug lord he works for, which puts his sister in danger. 

If so far you find this plot interesting and captivating then you definitely must watch the ending to find out what happens to Bo. 

Overall the movie will keep you on your toes trying to piece the pieces together and with lots of action that goes behind the scenes on narcotic drug business. 

Sleight is well directed with great plot, captivating cinematography, and with great actors as well.


I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

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