Goodbye, adios, auf wiedersehen, au revoir!

May 2, 2017

Since this is the last issue that we are going to have for the spring semester, I’m going to say my farewell. 

I have learned so many things in this job, things that when I was a reporter I was clueless about. 

I’ve learned how to make phone calls without feeling nervous, how to have better interviews and how to hold meetings, which is one of the things I hate the most since I hate public speaking. 

I’ve had great times here in the newsroom, but there have also been times that the only thing I wanted to do was leave.

Last semester on the last week, we had a Secret Santa and that was one of greatest times I’ve had in this office. 

I’ve made great friends here and I don’t regret working here one bit. I know that this job opened so many doors for me and it has given me experience that I will need for my future career. 

It can be a stressful job for sure. I honestly had no idea it could be like this but I guess if you’re in this line of job, you have to get used to a stressful day. 

Having this job made me realize that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, it’s something I feel really passionate about. 

I have improved my writing skills since I had to write this column every week and with all the reading I had to do I feel like I’m more prepared once I transfer to a university. 

I also got a lot of help from my professors and the staff members here at the communications department.

But, I guess it’s time to move on and try other things, and I know that this job was just a step further to my goals. 

I’m going to transfer to UTEP and I’m so excited about that since I’ve been here for two years. 

After that my goal is to either write for a newspaper or for a magazine, basically any place where I can write.

My dream job right now is to work for a fashion magazine, I know that it’s a big dream and maybe with the years it won’t be my dream anymore, but right now I want that.

Anyway, I hope that you all liked reading what I had to say this semester and even if you didn’t, at the very least I made you read it. 

I hope you have a faby-ulous rest of the semester and a great summer. 


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