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May 2, 2017


 Sometimes when one decides to tear down the walls that separate genres in music, they must resort to the use of guerrilla warfare tactics.



Gorillaz's official music video for "Ascension" from the Humanz album.


In Gorillaz's 5th studio album "Humanz" it's apparent how easy it is for Damon Albarn to blur the lines long established by legends in their rightful times by mastering the art of handing the wrecking ball to the artist of his choosing in the form of a cypher scored by alternative rock with influences of disco, electro funk and trip hop. 

It took the possibility and eventual 180 degree turn with the atmosphere in politics and a year with some change to get the group motivated to embark on and accomplish their very calculated comeback which involved the creative input of over a dozen artists: including the voice of Ben Mendelsohn. 

Vince Staples begins the barrage of penetrating urgent statements with “Ascension” when he snaps and becomes the closest MC to live up to the legacy of Mos Def on “Sweepstakes” by taking over essentially the whole unorthodox beat. 

On “Momentz,” the group returns to long time collaborators De La Soul and live up to the hype with one of the most cheerfully distorted tracks of the year.


Kelela's angelic vocals are almost visually interrupted in “Submission,” when Danny Brown hops on the track like the mad hatter Dr. Seuss erased from his work after a long confusing night to spas out in traditional Danny Brown fashion when he articulates the most soul crushing verse on the project. 

Pusha T and Mavis Staples have an explosive conversation between generations on “let me out.”


RAY BLK makes some bold statements with an authoritative voice on “The Apprentice” which makes me want to look for his songs to see if he can back them up and if you didn’t make it to the Shangri-la with debris of memories of the fictional plastic beach that is, “Ticker Tape,” then you played yourself as it is the most relaxing song on here.

Damon's message might also be disillusioned at times and deteriorating to the equivalence of a dirty old pissed off man parading his shame as he pronounces to the world  I came for “sex murder party,” but what happens when the wicked feel out done? 

After trolling the world with releasing 19 as the first single he also asks the question what happens when we become “Humanz”?


We may not know how we got here or why this twisted reality has come to fruition out of our control but we do know we do not like it and aside from communication we also got the power to love each other no matter what happens and change.


I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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