Anne Hathaway is Colossal

May 2, 2017

Anne Hathaway has been a blue macaw, a princess, an editorial assistant, the White Queen and now she is Colossal.



Jason Sudeikis (L) as Oscar and Anne Hathaway portraying main character, Olivia.



The film, directed by Nacho Vigalondo, is expected to be a quirky independent movie but by the second act of the film the audience is left with a sci-fi dramedy. 

The start of the film is paced relatively well setting up the scene for Gloria’s (Hathaway) return to her hometown and what lies ahead of her.


As always, Hathaway plays a relatable and warm character that the viewer can’t help but root for.


Her continuous sighs and eye rolls are light and hilarious as well as her odd idiosyncrasies which just add to the uniqueness of Gloria’s personality. 

Hathaway’s co-star Jason Sudeikis, who plays Oscar, tugs at the audience’s heart strings and plays with them at his will as the movie progresses.


The supporting characters however, do not hold the same amount of manipulation that Hathaway and Sudeikis possess in Colossal. 

This charming flick is full of built up anticipation and takes a darker turn than those who only watched the trailer might have expected. 

The film has also already been greatly compared to Charlie Kaufman and Spike Jonze’s Being John Malkovich and I can’t say that I don’t agree with them.


For those who cannot appreciate the sometimes muddled or analytical thinking in an independent movie, Colossal probably won’t be as enjoyable. 

Another noteworthy aspect of the film is the creative placement of the sound effects in correlation with the soundtrack.


The music is fun and unique to the plot line complimenting it rather than clashing with it. 

The CGI is also quite convincing and blended well with the actors and set. 

All in all, Colossal is special for viewers who can enjoy a light-hearted film, I give it 4 stars out of 5.

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