The slide continues

April 25, 2017

 EPCC baseball went down 8-0, and 12-0 against Western Texas on Saturday, bringing their conference record to 3-25, and overall records this season to 7-41.



EPCC's Jesus Mendoza rounding first base and heading towards second.


The Tejanos also lost both games on Friday with scores of 12-5 and 10-0.


With the Tejanos mostly shut out over the weekend, their hitters will have work to put in for the rest of the season.

Friday saw the Tejanos score their only runs of the weekend in the opener game.


Unfortunately, Western Texas scoring five runs in the second inning effectively ended the contest and possibility for an EPCC comeback. 

While the atmosphere in the away team’s locker room was one of disappointment, Head Coach Cesar Romero has been able to count on team leaders such as Elder Alvidrez and Armando Salas to counter any seeping negativity.

“Elder, he’s a left-handed pitcher, I mean wow I mean can there be more bad luck for him,” said Romero.

Talking about the impact Alvidrez has had on the field, Romero was frank in his assessment.

“You know he had a hell of a game and we just haven’t backed him up; we haven’t really stepped up for him and he’s gone above and beyond,” said Romero.

Romero talked about the attitude and mentality that is needed from the team to push for a huge improvement next season. 

In addition to being a leader and positive example in the dugout, Romero mentioned looking for players who have a passion for the game and are able to turn games around.

“Improving, we’re going to need our power arms and once again players that make a difference you know what I mean; game changers that’s what I’d like,” said Romero.


“One of my main goals is to go after guys that really have a passion for this game. I mean not just somebody that wants to wear EPCC on the shirt and sit on the bench. I want guys that are going to have dirt on that shirt every day and work to start changing the mentality that we have here in El Paso.”

Talking about the immediate future, the coach said he’d like to see more aggression and adventure on the field this weekend against an Odessa College that has yet to lose more than one game in a row this season. 

“Hitting, go after fastballs, go after that first strike. Don’t sit and see what happens and then fall behind on the count.”

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