SGA presidential debate: voting ends Thursday

April 25, 2017

The Student Government Association (SGA) held a debate between the two candidates running for president at the Valle Verde campus last Wednesday. 



Brian Mena (L) senator of the Student Government Association and Andrea Porras Portillo, Rio Grande campus representative.


The candidates, Andrea Porras and Bryan Mena faced off and shared their ideas and qualifications for president with the students. 

Both Porras and Mena are members of the SGA. Mena is a chemistry major, who has been a Senator for the SGA, also served as President of the Student Communication Association Network (SCAN) and as a volunteer for Project Amistad, a non-profit agency that provides services to the elderly, persons with disabilities, and persons at risk. 

At the debate, Mena described himself as a nice person who is assertive, well rounded, someone who “looks at the bigger picture” and who is a nice guy. 

Mena also described his leadership style as approachable.


He also spoke about the prices of textbooks at school being too high and how he would push to get textbooks that had no pictures so that they are more affordable for the students. 

Porras is a psychology major, who has served as a campus representative for both the Transmountain and Rio Grande campus in the SGA. 

Porras is also a member of EPCC Forensics Team, the Speech and Debate team, and the National Honor Society.


She described herself as someone who holds high standards for herself, approachable, friendly and someone who “wants to become more knowledgeable through peers and students.” 

Porras also said at the debate that she would focus on spreading awareness to students. 

"As for myself, I believe not only do I have the adequate qualifications and traits to hold the position, my years’ experience with Student Government, as well as all the work I’ve put into the organization should speak for themselves," Porras said. 

"At the end of the day both Bryan and myself are passionate individuals that really care about the student body and hope to continue to serve them whether we hold the Presidential seat or not. I am confident that at the end of the day the students will vote for the candidate that they feel best embodies the qualities of a leader and will represent them with integrity and the level of professionalism that characterizes El Paso Community College."

Both candidates held the same position on supporting a smoking ban at the various campuses which is a subject that most students want addressed. 

“We’re all entitled to clean air,” Mena said.


“Students don’t know the effects of smoking.” Porras agreed saying, “It is the greater right of all students to go to a school where they can breathe clean air. It is not a right to smoke.” 

Voting began on Monday and ends on Thursday, April 27.


Voting stations can be found in the Cafeteria at the Mission Del Paso campus', the cafeteria (Upper Tier) at the Rio Grande campus, room M-11 at the Northwest campus', room 1701 at the Transmountain campus, and outside of room C-105 at the Valle Verde campus. 

Students can also vote online at 

Winners will begin their training during the summer and will begin working with the SGA in the fall semester.

Students who are interested in learning more about the candidates can visit for the candidates applications. 

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