The political war on the environment

April 18, 2017

Earth day may be around the corner but the reality is that it seems people only care about our only habitable planet on April 22.


In lieu of wearing generic Earth day shirts and calling it a day, millions of advocates are preparing for the national March For Science on Washington.

Inspired by the women’s march, they hope for “evidence-based policymaking, science education, research funding, and inclusive and accessible science” as explicitly written on the homepage of their website.


Although it may seem like coincidental timing, I remember reading about this coalition only days after the women’s march. 

Since then, the Trump administration has threatened to make budget cuts on the Environmental Protection Agency, denied human activity as a contributing factor to climate change and enforced, “political review” or, in other words, censorship, on scientific facts by the EPA before it can be released publicly.

In a joint effort to make a stand, the EPA and National Park Service created rogue social media to keep the general public informed on the environment’s changes and display proven scientific data/facts. 

Scott Pruitt, administrator of the EPA, just recently delivered a speech at Harvey Mine and boasted about an “EPA back-to-basics” plan, it appears that all he really cares about is ensuring jobs in the coal industry, further polluting the air and risking the health of countless Americans. 

While those in opposition of dramatic environmental shifts believe that it’s all a hoax or liberal propaganda, the future of America lies with renewable energy sources utilizing sun, wind or geothermal technology to aid public needs without damaging the atmosphere or lives. 

The most baffling part of this “war on the environment” is that other countries have already made several steps forward toward a cleaner Earth

Germany, for example, launched a zero-emission hydrogen train which only lets out steam rather than diesel.


Switzerland, according to, recycles 52 percent of its waste.



Every time I read about how progressive other countries are, all I’m thinking is “I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad” like Ariel in The Little Mermaid. 

While I understand advanced technology like those of other countries cost money and certain resources, I guess I just don't want the Earth to end up like it did in Wall-E.


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