Take pride in your campus, keep it clean

April 18, 2017


Last week I went into the women’s bathroom at the A building and encountered something really disgusting. 

I ran back to the newsroom so I could get a camera and take photographs of the restroom. 

One of the bathroom stalls had trash all over the floor, and it was the trash where all the feminine products are disposed.


Used tampons were on the floor and underwear was inside the toilet. 

I came to the conclusion that a student could have been responsible for this. 

As a student I wonder why others don’t take care of the place where they spend a good amount of time during the day. 

We should feel proud of where we take classes and take care of all the facilities, not destroy them. 

There’s a Facebook page where students from EPCC, UTEP and NMSU post things related to the schools. 

One post captured my attention, an EPCC student was complaining to his male peers about them leaving the restroom disheveled.


He said that this was concerning all EPCC campuses not just one.


He also mentioned how there are hardworking people that have to clean up after the mess they make. 

So you see, this is not only a problem with the women’s bathroom, but also the men’s and if we don’t take care of them there’s no one else that’s going to. 

I really doubt that’s how people leave their bathrooms at home, because if they did then they would be forced to clean them up themselves.


So, if they’re not like that at home, why do it here at school?

I don’t know if this is a cultural thing or just a matter of how people are raised, but this should be common knowledge to flush the toilet, to throw the toilet paper inside the toilet and not on the floor. 

As I mentioned in one of my previous columns, this is not the image that we want to give people that come to EPCC. No one wants to encounter a restroom with used toilet paper on the floor. 

Take better care of your campuses because each one of us is responsible for them and we are the ones using the bathrooms I’m sure you don’t want to be in a filthy bathroom. 


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