Kendrick Lamar's new album continues to be original

April 18, 2017

The long awaited Kendrick Lamar album, finally became available to the public on April 14. Lamar’s new album, “Damn”, was released a week after the heavily anticipated album was rumored to be released, and following the powerful hit single, “Humble."



Kendrick Lamar, who just released his new album DAMN, will be performing at Coachella on April 23 in Indio, California.


Many fans and critics have begun speculation regarding the religious significance of the intentionally chosen holiday release date.

One theory regarding the parallel of the death and birth of Jesus Christ with the opening and closing gunshots that can be heard bookmarking the album have begun to circulate.


Additional theories have surfaced such as, the subliminal passive aggressive lyrics and tone of the songs believed to be directed towards a number of rivals such as Drake and Big Sean among others. 

With that said, the album makes a strong entrance with its track, “Humble.” Receiving the highest ratings and reviews from reputable sources Billboard and Genius.


The song alone has amassed an impressive fan base. 

One of the most prominent components of the tracks are the various samples which are added to several songs.


For example, FOX News contributes a brief audio bit as the intro fades into track two, “DNA.”


The audio reflects the opinions of the TV presenters and shows their negative biased opinions briefly before Kendrick opens the rhymes of the track.


Additional samples enrichen tracks throughout the entire album.  

Not only did Kendrick craft his own complex lyrics, he also collaborated with a handful of artists or sampled their songs such as Khalid, an El Paso local who is sampled in an earlier song.  

Many dark themes are explored in this album: death, violence, and racism are topics that Kendrick never forgets to incorporate into his rhythmic poetry verses. 

In the tracks “Loyalty,” “Love,” and “XXX” Kendrick Lamar and his team chose to collaborate with artists Rihanna, Zacari, and U2. 

After listening to all of the songs, “Humble” is the stand out track that always seems to find its way back to my mind.


The catchy beat and chorus make this song difficult to forget.  

Accompanying the album is a stunning visual filled music video that creatively illustrates the messages of “Humble”.

 DNA is also a particularly explicit yet likeable song that expresses the background of the artist himself. 

This album is impressive, a personal statement from Kendrick Lamar to the audience. 

“Damn” leaves listeners satisfied while maintaining the respectable reputation of Kendrick Lamar’s previous rap albums.


I give this album  out of 5 stars. 

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