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April 18, 2017

Something has befouled the wind and land above and below in recent times and underneath a land of torn earth resides a legendary kingdom that was rumored to be the last bastion of civilization.



Hollow Knight is currently being developed for the Nintendo Switch console. 



A great kingdom that was once a bustling center of activity reduced to nothing more than a grave for intrepid explorers seeking wealth, or searching for the reason for the kingdom’s current state of decay.


In Hollow Knight, a game by Team Cherry and made with Unity you’ll “hack ‘n’ slash” your way through the fallen Kingdom of Hollownest in attempt to discover its secrets. 

As the story progresses, you’ll learn new moves that either open up different pathways to new areas or items.


From improving your ability to navigating the treacherous environment, or allowing you to parry enemy attacks each technique will not only help you but also test your abilities to think on the fly.


Enemies will try to thwart your attempts to explore Hallownest, and even recolored enemies add a surprising twist to their attack pattern. 

There are also badges that grant abilities such as increased damage at a cost, more money from enemies, and more that are available that can be equipped to suit your playstyle or give you an edge.


Similar to Dark Souls, in Hollow Knight, when they die, a player will lose their money and leave behind a specter that will attack you on site.


While defeating the specter gives the player’s money back.


However, as you progress the specter will use the skills that your character earned, to fight back.

While maps are provided to help the player navigate their way through the kingdom, they will only show players part of the area that can be explored.

Finding hidden areas and other treasures will depend on the players ability to search every suspicious nook-and-cranny and using their abilities to make their way through the more dangerous areas.

Every character is animated with care, and every environment feels unique.


Along with Hollow Knights art, its music and sound design help it stand out from the rest.


The music fits in every situation whether it’s a duel with another adventurer or taking a moment to relax and save your game.


Everything that moves has its own distinct sound and noise letting you know which enemy might be right around the corner, or if there’s a trapped caterpillar in need of your aid.


I also couldn’t help but enjoy listening to the pleasant jumbled speech of the characters I met along the road.


Hollow Knight features some of the most solid controls, charming graphics, and excellent music that I’ve experienced in some time.


While Hollow Knight doesn’t break new ground it does what some of the biggest games fail to do, provide a fun and challenging experience. 

If you enjoy games like Metroid, Castlevania, or Ori and the Blind Forest you should definitely pick up Hollow Knight.


I give Hollow Knight 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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