Dating apps fun and flawed for college students

April 18, 2017

Interest in online dating has proved to be very marketable especially to millennials trying to find love. 



EPCC students Elina Urueta (L) majoring in Education and Sultan Muhammed, Criminal Justice major.


However the question some are curious about is: has it evolved so much that all it takes is a simple right swipe?

In March ABODO, an online blog, conducted a survey consisting of 3,500 college students. Visit 

The blog, Swipe Right for Love, asked college students a series of questions pertaining to their usage of dating apps and their tendencies when it comes to using them.

“This got us thinking. What are the most popular apps being used every day by college students and Millennials? Well, you guessed it–dating apps rank near the top,” said Sam Radbil, Communications Manager at ABODO. 

“Since dating apps are so popular among college students, we set out to uncover why, and how, college students are using dating apps. We surveyed 3,500 students and found some very surprising results,” said Radbil. 

The results showed that Tinder was the most popular dating app with 84 percent of the surveyors using it over any other app.

Yet, the most shocking was that 91 percent said they are looking for more than a hook-up.

“However, the reasons college students are using dating apps is quite surprising,” Radbil said. 

Statistics show that college students are simply using dating apps because they’re bored.

According to the survey, 34.1 percent of female college students said they were on these apps as a form of entertainment, while 29.7 percent of men said the same thing.

“As an introverted person, dating sites just take the hassle out of finding someone in real life,” said student Sarah Gomez.

Yet 40.3 percent of participants openly admitted that they would prefer to meet dates through a mutual friend

About 38.9 percent said they would just like to meet someone with mutual interest as their own.

“It maybe hard finding a dating site but if you’re lucky like me you might just end up meeting the right one for you,” said student Rogelio Perez. 

Even though dating apps seem an okay way to meet someone they still have their problems. 

About 27 percent of students admitted to be being harassed on dating apps such as Grindr and OkCupid taking the survey and 37 percent of male surveyors have even openly admitted that using a dating app while in a relationship does not count as cheating.

“I have been harassed on Tinder before because of my preference for men but at the end of the day I found my match and we’ve grown to love each other,” said Perez.

Dating apps are fun and seem like a good way to hook-up, but in the end 95 percent of students still prefer the old fashion method and just meeting a possible suitor offline.

“So maybe these young adults aren’t nearly as modern in their approach to meeting people as you might think,” Radbil said. 


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