Follow your own morals, not trends

April 11, 2017

 As per usual, I am reminded by Target that Easter is near.


How could anyone not be seduced by their adorable decorations, colorful candies and pastel-colored clothing?

Aside from that, I am also reminded of how fun Easter used to be when I was a child as opposed to now.


Egg hunts and visits to the Easter bunny were the highlight of my holiday though for many others, celebration would not commence until the entire family went to church.

Even when I attended Catholic school and was raised as such, I was never forced to go to Sunday mass like a majority of my classmates were.


The countless times I did go to church, as mandated by the school, I never paid attention either.


I believe imposing one's beliefs onto another person, especially the malleable minds of children, is wrong.

In an alternate universe, kids are educated about mainstream religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, etc., so that they can have the freedom to practice what they genuinely believe in or not at all.


But hey, I realize that’s apparently a tall order in this society.    

A more attainable alternative should be that once a child reaches a certain age, they are encouraged to question the religion they grew up practicing. 

Unfortunately the opposite is most common and many parents scold their children for refusing to go to church or doubting the existence of  God.


Thus contributing to the social reproduction of organized religion.

From a young age people are told to see both sides of a story, to not be ignorant, to empathize, to fact-check; why is religion treated differently?

Adamant belivers of God and the Bible will relentlessly defend their faith even when a logicial argument has left them without a rebuttle.


And while that is somewhat respectable, it is mostly ignorant. 

Until one can sincerely detatch themselves from religion they are not true believers of Christ, they are sheep.

If after the fact,  one still believes the same religious values, then at least they are for certain.

Religion is a heavy topic as well as a large aspect of someone's personality and because of that, it is imperative for people to feel confident, not hesitant or conforming. 


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