Power Rangers can please a campy movie-goer

April 4, 2017

 Coming into this movie, I expected a nonsensical story, made only for bringing in people who felt nostalgia for their childhood and wanted to relieve it. 



(L-R) Becky G., Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin and RJ Cyler in the Power Rangers reboot, saving the world from an alien.


But as I sat through it, my expectations were fortunately, wrong.


The first act, a coming of age story about teenagers who don’t know where they belong but find a perfectly imperfect group of people like them, is full of beautifully shot cinematography, and allows you to get to know the main characters’ conflicts. 

As it progresses, they learn they were superheroes, but, due to their problems, they do not understand how to fill those shoes. 

Afterward, they start coming to terms with the hand they’re dealt, and start thinking more about what it means to have the responsibility of their newfound abilities. 

In the third act, the action packed fight against Rita does not get too ridiculous, and ends up being a fun fight that doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Overall, the plot works and tells a coherent story about the stress of being a superhero but at the same time, the enjoyment and fun they have with their new powers, sometimes using them for their own gain, exactly how a teenager would react. 

The movie does have its flaws though, and being a coming of age story is one of them. 

These types of stories are often filled with clichés about teenagers and high school life, and it looks lazy when they just take the same story that’s been written a thousand times. 

Another flaw is the villain.


Rita doesn’t have much of a backstory, and the way she acts, around a cast that tries taking their job seriously, Elizabeth Banks ends up looking cheesy in comparison. 

Some of her actions have no meaning behind them plot wise, and her character tries too hard to be weird or different.


These flaws could have been worked out easily by the writers or the editors but they stayed in an otherwise well-written movie.

The overall plot works for the storytelling, the balance between seriousness and comic relief is great, and the characters take themselves seriously while not being too over the top. 

The flaws aren’t that big, making them easy to ignore, and the character development makes them easily relatable for the audience.

 I would carefully recommend it to anyone who is a fan of fun, not-to-serious moviegoer.


So overall, I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

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