King Kong destroys downtown landmarks

March 28, 2017

 The Friday before spring break, I went out with my friends to go watch director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who also directed The Kings of Summer, Kong: Skull Island from the MonsterVerse film series.



King Kong takes exception to Tejano Tribune review. The mighty kong goes ape after being brought to El Paso from Skull Island against his will. 


Entering the theater, I kept asking myself two questions.


Will I be impressed or will I deeply regret spending $12 on an average film?

Little did I know the film would exceed my expectations.

The setting of the film takes place in 1971, and revolves around a trip to an undiscovered island known as Skull Island.

 The people on the island get trapped on it and try many things in order to escape and to survive King Kong and the other creatures that live on the island.

The casting for this movie was perfect, with Brie Larson, John Goodman, Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston being the main actors in the film.


They all had perfect roles in the film.


If you’re a fan of special effects, you’ll be hooked immediately. 

The details on King Kong and the creatures are truly amazing, making them look like they are real.


To describe how amazing these special effects are, there is a scene of a huge supercell thunderstorm. 

The lightning in the storm looks so perfect it makes the viewer feel as though they are going through the storm with the characters. 

The film had some good music as well.


They played a lot of hits from the 1970s as well, a few country rock and heavy metal songs.


Then come the sound effects. 

The main thing that is heard with sound effects are drums being played very loudly, a way to make the viewer feel as if they are also on the island. 

Overall, this was a very good movie.


Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts did not disappoint at all with this film.


From amazing special effects, to a great storyline, I would recommend this movie to anyone.


The movie is still out in theaters and should be out on DVD soon. 

I highly recommend this movie for anyone that is interested in not only King Kong, but action movies in general.

When I saw it, I viewed it in XD, which made the movie even better with surround sound and a huge screen with a crystal-clear picture. I give this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Happy April Fool's day!


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