Gyllenhaal and Reynolds are out of this world

March 28, 2017

The movie Life with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds was such a great movie, to the point where I was at the very edge of my seat and squeezing my hand into a fist.



(L-R) Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson sent on a mission to find proof of life on Mars.



Life takes place in space, with six astronauts researching any life outside of earth.


Each astronaut has their own job in the film such as the pilot, doctor, scientist, engineer and so forth to help each other and finish the mission.

The movie takes a while to reach to the climax.


You cannot skip to the middle of the movie; you still have to pay attention to the dialog to give a sentimental feeling with each character through the film. 

On the other side, I do have to say that the very beginning of the movie, about ten minutes in the film were taken as one whole shot.


I love how the director Daniel Espinosa decided to keep that, I enjoy how they gave a look as if the camera was floating around in gravity.


I loved it because it does take at least days just to get one good shot that will be used just for five minutes in a two-hour movie but for the director to break that record, to me it was beyond awesome and caught my attention. 

Throughout the movie the astronauts were able to catch some sort of three-inch creature from space that looks like a clear goo and named it Calvin.


As they woke it up from hibernation and research it, days went by and the creature became bigger, smarter and stronger. 

As Calvin grew, I really liked how they created Calvin and made it look like an octopus or jellyfish inspired alien, because you really don’t know what can be outside of earth but to be able to get an idea of what kind of alien can maneuver quickly in gravity.

During the movie the characters have to think twice as more and have some sort of backup plan in case Calvin reaches the Earth and risk all human life.


At this point in the film it gave motivation to the character to kill the creature because of all the trouble it had been causing in the spacecraft. 

When it was heading towards the end of the movie, the characters were trying their best to survive but also trying their best to outsmart Calvin and kill it.


Later during the movie, they came to a conclusion to blast part of the spacecraft and send it far away from earth into deep space. 

At this part of the movie, to me it was super thrilling and very intense.


One of the characters has to drive the shuttle away from earth with the alien while the others try to get back home safely. 

I really enjoyed the ending, although I would not spoil it but I have to say the end was on point.


The actors did a great performance and the screenwriting was great.


I give this film 5 out of 5 stars.

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