EPCC blood drive continues

March 28, 2017

 EPCC is no stranger to blood drives, for the last 13 years EPCC has been teaming up with United Blood Services to bring in 2,200 to 2,500 blood donations a year making it the number one donor in the El Paso area.



Nina Rojas making a donation to the United Blood Services at EPCC.


“For the last twelve years the college has been the number one blood donor and is still the number one blood donor,” said Ron Stroud, District Blood Drive Coordinator.

For the 2016-2017 year, donating has been on-track with already 1,780 donations from all five campuses.


More donations will be collected throughout the year as several more blood drives are scheduled for the remainder of the 2017 academic year.

The blood drive is open to all students, faculty and the community giving people a chance to provide blood to the 5,340 people in need of it. The blood donated can help as many as three people.

“It’s important to give blood because someone might need it to treat a special disease and a donation can help save someone’s life,” said Robert Chavez, EPCC freshman student.  

Donating is really simple.


It takes no more than forty-five minutes.


First. they will carry out an iron test to make sure volunteers will not feel woozy after donating.


Once they start extracting blood they’ll take a maximum of a pint and keep you comfortable as possible while doing it.


When you’re done donating they sit you down in another area and give you chips, cookies, and water so you can continue on with your day without complications.

“It took ten minutes of going through paperwork, when they finally put the needle in the first time I donated blood it didn’t seem painful,” said EPCC student Olivia Berry. 

“The second time I donated I was so uncomfortable that they tilted my seat so my head was towards the ground, it was surprisingly comfy.”

The last blood drive of the spring semester will be held on April 5 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Academic Services Center (ASC), located at 9050 Viscount.


It’s a one day event held in ASC boardroom in building A.

Blood drives will continue in early June.


For more information, contact Ron Stroud at (915) 831-6740, or visit the EPCC calendar online.

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