The campus roads not taken care of

February 21, 2017

 “I don’t have a car, so it’s not really something I’ve thought about,” Sara Hernandez said when asked her opinion on the condition of the roads at Valle Verde. 

Although Valle Verde is the biggest and most populous of all EPCC campuses, the Rio Grande campus in downtown has more problems with its streets and navigating its confusing infrastructure. 

It can be quite difficult to get around with the massive amount of construction going on and the distance between its many buildings. 

The streets at Rio Grande are in very bad condition. 

However, it’s not always the fault of the campus but rather the city’s. 

The downtown campus doesn’t exactly control the quality of their roads since it is technically not theirs.

There is no such excuse for Valle Verde since the campus is in direct control of the space it occupies. 

“It would be great if they were to fix some of the potholes especially around the A building,” Peter Avila, a third semester student at VV said.

 “They most likely just don’t see it as important or worth their time and money. Or they just don’t notice it at all.”

It might make sense that something as small as a pothole or a crack on the road would be overlooked by those in charge of the maintenance at the campus. 

But aren’t there people who inspect these kinds of things?


Certainly other personnel besides the students and teachers would have noticed by now?


Maybe we don’t feel like it is our place to complain about things like this, or more likely, we don’t care. 

As trivial as it may seem, the way we get around and the quality of the campus is something that should be of our utmost concern. 

The roads inside Valle Verde are something every student sees and deals with every day, and yet it seems nobody has realized the condition they’re in. 

Perhaps the struggle of finding good parking and making it to class on time has made us all oblivious.

Just as the computers in the labs get renewed and replaced on a frequent basis, so should the roads we use to commute around the campus. 


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