RTJ3 is a post-modern classic

February 7, 2017

Despite the acclaimed albums that dropped throughout 2016 from prominent artists of the genre, no one expanded their brand in a more relevant and piercing way than RTJ did (R.I.P. Phife Dawg). 



The album appeared on YouTube, this time on Christmas day, before it was in stores nationwide.



If the first LP was the raw introduction to the epic post-modern classic sound they would come to be known for, then this is the voice of the disenfranchised being manifested by a beast of Godzilla/King Kong proportions.


Producing some of his best quotes,  which now give new meaning to President Donald Trump's shenanigans, El-P also delivers some of the most off the walls beats of his career.

 From the head bopping quintessential RTJ flow in “Stay Gold”, funky hooligans anthem “Oh Mama”, the passion driven neo-symphony tribute, “Thursday in the Danger Room,” to the more awakening songs like “Don’t Get Captured” and “Thieves”. 

The only constant to the tracks is variety.


Experienced best in the final song as the sobbing is interrupted by the mechanical dragon that begins spitting fire in the second part to check you. 

Another dramatic shift in tone is after the bomb explodes in “2100,” barely beating out “Hey Kids”.


It’s not enough that the beat is literally popping shots throughout the verses but the word earns its meaning by the amount of times neighbors bang on my door to remind me that what I am singing from the chorus is in fact, not true.

Excluding the more hard-hitting issues due to a lack of funds, here’s to remembering that the war against our Muslim siblings, information from the EPA and urban cities continues to be fought by organizing and mobilizing. 

Listen to this album.


Take some time then come back and listen to it again because something is trying to be said here. The world is still moving one way, and people another. I give this album 5 stars. 

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