Charlie Minn strikes again with new murder film

February 7, 2017

 Filmmaker, Charlie Minn, brings to El Paso his latest project, Donde Estan?,  about missing women and murders around the area of Ciudad Juarez. 



Charlie Minn talking to students at the Valle Verde campus about his new project regarding murders in Ciudad Juarez.


Minn, from New York, likes to give back to his community with these films that embody the reality of what is going on in our neighbor city, Ciudad Juarez. 

During a recent visit at EPCC Minn stressed that so much violence has unfolded and nobody is doing anything about it.


Corrupt policemen as well as judges have made the mistake of falling in the arms of bribery and are making the wrong call when it comes to convicting guilty felons. 

 “For the past five years’ people have been asking me to make a film about the missing women, so it was a great opportunity," Minn said.


"I feel better about doing it now in my career rather than five years ago because I have a lot more experience under my belt. I think as a result this film has more depth and meaning and substance; every film I make from here on out, should be better than the last one."

He also added that this project was a bit more difficult compared to his past films, due to the fact that nobody knew who was responsible for these murders. 

Even though the current president of Ciudad Juarez was supposedly accused of being tied with the crimes committed against women.

“It’s such a mysterious topic, where we had so many candidates that could be murders here, we’re talking about drivers, serial killers, cartels, boyfriends, husbands, police, wealthy business men, a lot of different people that could have done this. Where as in previous films with the cartels, you knew pretty much who has killing who,” explained Minn.


He has done many films on many murders that are unsolved n many murders that are unsolved and he is trying to target such an audience to get his message across. 

“Every female should see this film, if they’re proud of their gender and they understand the injustice on what’s been going on in Juarez. They should support it and spread the word. You can’t solve a problem unless you talk about it. Silence means violence, if you stay quiet then the violence will continue.” 

This film will premiere on Feb. 17, at Bassett Place at 6101 Gateway Blvd. You can watch the trailer and see his other films on his website 

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