EPCC Transfer Fair meets with mixed results

November 8, 2016

 EPCC, at the Valle Verde campus, hosted their 2016 Transfer Fair on Nov. 2 from 10 to 1 p.m. at the Cafeteria Annex. 

Students at EPCC and from other campuses had the opportunity to ask questions to representatives about the universities that they wanted to transfer to. 

According to Silvia Dominguez, Career Services Specialist, there were 19 universities listed but some were not listed like University of Incarnate and the Texas Health Sciences University.

 All of these universities attended the transfer fair with the purpose of providing information about their schools to students. 

According to Laura Beltran, Career Services Specialist, EPCC has been hosting the transfer fair for the past 9 years. 

“We usually do our events here, in the main campus, since it’s a bigger campus, and it hosts the transfer fair, the job fair, and the program of study fair,” said Beltran.

Dominguez, mentioned that the transfer fair is open to all students and all campuses and that they have flyers and make announcements throughout the campuses for that.

Some of the universities that attended included New Mexico State University, Grand Canyon University, St. Mary’s University, Texas Tech University, University of Texas at El Paso, University of Phoenix, Our Lady of the Lake University, and many more. 

“We try to get different universities. We invite different ones as well as popular ones like UTEP,” said Dominguez.

“I want to transfer to UTEP because it’s my best option since I want to stay here in El Paso. I want to see what I need to transfer and get information about transferring credits,” said Jessica Landa, student at EPCC.

Jason Lugo, student at EPCC, mentioned that he was thinking of transferring to St. Mary’s University because he heard that they offer a lot of financial aid and scholarships.


“I liked the transfer fair a lot. There is a lot of information. I’m thinking about transferring, you know, and before I came to see this, I was searching a bunch of schools, the tuition, scholarships, and the room and board, so this helped a lot,” said Lugo. 

There were other students, which attended the transfer fair that weren’t glad with the outcome of this event. 

“Well, I went to the line and it took more than 20 minutes. When I got there, they were only giving information, and I was told I could make an appointment for orientation, but they didn’t, so I lost all my time there," said Gaby Miranda, student at EPCC.

"Plus, when I called the numbers, where they said they could give me an appointment, they didn’t answer the phones. In addition, if they did answer, they would hang up on me.”

There were other problems that the students faced when they attended the fair, which left them disappointed to say the least. 

 “I didn’t like it because the past times were different. The systems were working and they had the opportunity to answer all the questions I had about transferring," said Angelica Torres Saucedo, student at EPCC.  

"There was even a point where they would go into your university account to tell you what you were missing and they would fix your problems right there like; scheduling your orientation, what paperwork to take, transferring your credits at that moment, etc. and I went today to get help and to get my questions answered, and the only thing that they did was call a number that they got out of the website to fix something that I could have done at home. They told me they couldn’t help me because of the system…this was something that didn’t help anyone.” 

The transfer fair still managed to give many students information and was helpful, however, Torres mentioned how everything would have been more perfect if the system was working. 

For more information contact Dina Salazar, from Career and Transfer Services at 915-831-2443 or through email at darroy12@epcc.edu.


You can also visit www.transfer101.org, which provides transferring resources or visit the EPCC Career and Transfer Services office. 


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