Westworld: blend of action, adventure and drama

November 1, 2016

 “Westworld” is a western theme park where people can dress up and interact with androids that are supposed to be human-like. 



Westworld creatures called 'hosts' which are plastic-made androids that resemble humans.


You can tell that they’re androids when you see a fly land on an android’s eye and it doesn’t do anything about it.


The androids are referred to as the hosts and the guests are referred to as the newcomers.


When the guests arrive, they’re supposed to go to a room where they pick what they want to wear and what kind of gun they want to use. 

It’s supposed to be a safe and exciting environment for the guests.


There’s this rule they have where the hosts can’t do any harm to the guests but the guests can pretty much do whatever they want to whoever they want.


They can go on a killing spree and shoot a lot of hosts if they feel like it.


 They can even get shot countless times by a host and still live. 

I don’t know what happens if a guest shoots at another guest but I’m assuming they don’t die.


I don’t think a theme park would let guests kill each other. 

Sometimes I wonder if the hosts are really androids or if they’re humans who are being controlled. 

There was a part in the show that looked like a flashback of one of the hosts getting tortured.


That’s what makes me wonder if they’re androids or humans. I’m sure we’ll find that out later on. 

“Westworld” has action, adventure, and drama.


I definitely want to see more episodes.


The more I watched and learned about it, the more I got invested in it. 

I thought it was going to be boring and uninteresting but it instantly captured my attention.

Evan Rachel Wood does a good job at playing one of the androids.


When she’s interacting with the guests, she’s supposed to be human, but when she’s in the lab, she shows no emotion, which is how your typical android is supposed to act. 

Ed Harris plays one hell of a bad guy.


He’s one of the guests who does whatever he wants to whoever he wants and gets away with everything.


He’s been shot many times and never died.


I wonder why he likes it so much over there and why he enjoys killing so many people.


He’s killed other hosts, a host’s parents, and a host’s wife. 

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