Violence awareness event held at Valle Verde campus

November 1, 2016

 The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Event took place on Oct. 25, at the Valle Verde campus Cafeteria Annex.



Abuse victims were provided advice and counsel at a sexual assault awareness event on the Valle Verde campus last week.


It started with the film screening of “The Hunting Ground” a violence prevention documentary that promoted awareness for people that have been sexually assaulted, and to let them know that they have the right to report it or not, but regardless of that, if they let know an authority they must let the police know and take charges against the rapist. 

There were guest speakers present in the event, they went on explaining that anyone who has been raped has the right to let the authorities know about the abuse and that they are safe when they do so. 

They all expressed their concern for such delicate subjects such as sexual assault, and with all the media that we have now it can be easier to make these issues known to all people.

 Such is the case of swimmer, Brock Turner, over at Stanford University, who was accused of sexual assault and was only given a sentence of six months in prison. 

“I thought the event was really nice, I thought it was very well put up. I think it´s made with a lot of information up to the students who may have not known that the service was out there available to them,” mentioned Rafael Navarrete, a young father who was a spectator at the screening. 

“Every woman has the right to be free of sexual harassment. Every woman has the right to survive. Every woman shouldn´t have to be harassed by someone that has been aggressive towards her. And if that behavior or that action is taking place, then it needs to be taken care of and sent to enforcement agencies,” said Navarrete.

Navarrete mentioned that anyone who has been harassed or assaulted is on his or her right either to report or press charges if they'd like, but on a bigger level if a student addresses it to an administrator they have the duty to report it  higher authorities. 

He doesn’t think they should be directed to rape enhances center, he doesn´t think they should be sent anywhere but held by the hand of authorities, and they need to go to the police department, and keep an eye on the person who is committing a sexual assault.


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