Authentic Italian food at Trattoria

November 1, 2016

 There’s only a few authentic Italian restaurants here in El Paso and Trattoria Bella Sera is the one you want to go to for a romantic dinner such as Valentine’s Day to impress your partner, or if you have never tried Italian food, this has to be your first choice. 



The facade of Trattoria Bella Sera located on the eastside for carryout and catering.


“Trattoria” means roadhouse, and “Bella Sera” means “beautiful evening”.


Opened in 2007 by owners Giuliana Leardini and Mario Olvera, also husband and wife. They planned to open a restaurant and came up with this wonderful place. 

“The idea was in 2000, it was a struggle financially, also deciding what restaurant we wanted to open, if it was going to be a chain restaurant, which franchising is of course being a more successful per say decision than actually opening an individual restaurant.


As we made the decision looking for either to open a new one or taking over an existing business was the question, we decided taking over an existing business”, said Giuliana. 

The restaurant’s menu has a lot of variety, ranging from pastas, fish, meat and chicken, soups and chef’s specials.


And as any other Italian restaurant, they also have, of course, pizza. Which was originally originated from Naples, Italy. 

Mrs. Giuliana wanted to pursue the authentic Italian idea for her business.

 So she went ahead and taught everything she knew to her now experienced cooks. 

Being the chef for about four years and managing the restaurant had to be a struggle.


She counts on her Chef Marcello, also Italian from Milano, who’s in charge of the kitchen while she handles business on the outside. 

“Everything is done by hand,” Giuliana added.


One of the most requested dishes according to her, is the lasagna.


And I have to agree.


I have to say it’s the best lasagna I’ve had so far. 

“I’m Italian of course, I don’t think the Italians are very well represented. Especially here in El Paso. The idea of opening a business is to make money besides personal goals that you have as an individual owner, you want to be successful, we just decided to pursue the authentic Italian idea.” Giuliana concluded.

Both her and her husband Mario, look like they’ve had a successful business so far and I encourage you to go visit their restaurant, you won’t regret it. 

Located at 9449 Montana, El Paso, TX 79925, carryout and catering available. 

You can visit their website or give them a call at (915) 598-7984 for more information.


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