Too much creepy clowning around

October 25, 2016

 Almost every child had a clown at their birthday party growing up, the joy and happiness that a friendly clown brought was what children loved about them.

You could not help but smile when you saw a happy clown and you never thought that that smile would turn into fear or a nightmare. 

Nowadays the once happy clown has been the center of attention not for their joy but for an unpleasant and creepy matter.

Beginning in late August, there were reports of strange activity of clowns in the woods in Greenville County, South Carolina. 

Since then the reported sightings have been growing creepier and creepier, from a clown chasing after people to assaulting them with objects. 

From August to October there has been a widespread across the world of clown sighting, from the U.S to Canada to even the U.K. 

There have been speculations that this trend may be a hoax, because many videos that have been uploaded to YouTube are fake, but after watching one or two, it seems too real to be sham.

No one has the slightest idea of who started this trend, when reports first started coming to light many could have thought that it was just a single one-man prank but then as more sightings grew, it could be speculated that there were many copycats out there. 

Witnesses who have spotted these characters claimed that the clowns were trying to lure children into the woods with candy, toys, ice cream, and even money.

Thankfully, there have been no reports of children accepting these material things and going into the woods.

It is hard to determine which city would be next for a clown sighting, do you think that El Paso is safe, if so, hate to break the news but there has been a supposed clown sighting here in the Sun City, by Downtown and Pebble Hills. 

Whether it may be true or false, it is a trend that has hit our city.


This new fad can lead to a lot more harm than just a prank. 

For whatever reason it began, it sure will end, but that is for sure it did leave its mark in 2016 and changed the way the public really sees clowns now.


A nightmare that became reality.


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