S-STEM encourages students to join their program


 EPCC students involved in math, sciences, and engineering can now get a grant for their education.



Students of the S-STEM Program commence during class time for their program.


 S-STEM program is accepting online applications from students majoring in sciences, math and engineering, with low-income resources and with a GPA greater than 3.0. 

Students will have to submit the application before the deadline of November 15 in order to be considered for the grant.  

Scholarships are provided to succeed on their careers and improve their technological learning by getting some experience on their field. 

For example, the S-STEM program provides partnerships with U, NMSU, and Water Utilities to make them practice with bigger institutions.  

 If accepted in the program, the student must know and understand that they will have to commit to the completing of all the assignments given to them through the period of time that they join the S-STEM program.


The S-STEM grant can cover your whole two years at EPCC. 

However, that does not mean that you have to be in the program for the whole two years.


Students can be part of it for at least only one semester. While in the program, they will be required to do projects requiring 20 hours. 

Students will also be allowed to work with groups to make the assignments easier for them. 

Being accepted in the program comes with another big and important responsibility, you as a student have to commit to never lower your GPA. 

 One of the biggest opportunities of the program is not only grants but the opportunity it gives the students to improve their grades. 

The S-STEM program provides educational help such as tutoring with personalized faculty to help them keep up the good grades. 

If for some reason, the student lowers his/her GPA, he/she will have the opportunity to bring it up again throughout the school year, keeping in mind that he/she is still responsible of the projects assigned.

If by the end of the year, the student cannot accomplish the goal, then he/she will not be able to participate in the program but will not be penalized. 

 “A lot of students transfer to universities or get a position in their field of study,” said Dr. Rebecca Marin, the Biology Faculty Coordinator at Northwest Campus. 

“We had a student who left the program and was accepted in the Bowing Company and engineer here in El Paso, TX.” 

If later on future students need any recommendation letters as well as references they can get them from counselors of the program.

For more information, contact Dr. Rebecca Marin to (915) 831- 8819 or rmarin20@epcc.edu. Students can also visit http://www.epcc.edu/sstem/pages/default.aspx for details.


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