Reynaldo Martinez is ready for NASA

October 25, 2016

 A few issues ago we mentioned a former EPCC student that was going to participate in a visit to NASA, so now we know of other student that will be able to have the same opportunity as Daniel Rios. 



Reynaldo Martinez Jr., student of physics and computer sciences, visits NASA.


Reynaldo Martinez Jr. a student at EPCC doing a degree in physics and computer sciences has been invited to participate in a five-week course by NASA. 

“I think this opportunity will help open more doors for the future, right now I’m a bit more excited about the experience, though,” said Martinez. 

This program will also allow participants to go and visit the installations at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center over at the state of Florida.


This visit will take place on the last four days of the program. 

This opportunity is presented to community college students all over the U.S. so they have a chance to experience everything that NASA has to offer them and also open several doors for their future. 

If you are a student looking for an opportunity such as Martinez’s here is an advice from him. 

“Don’t wait for school to teach you, get ahead of school. Be familiar with course content before taking your classes, teach yourself, people will take notice and doors will get opened. Work on short goals, these are key. I wasn’t a good student back in high school, in fact, it took me a bit more to graduate than the rest, which built a sense of disbelief in myself, I felt inadequate. I was always interested in science, so a few years later I decided to leave my insecurities behind and started studying real hard. I hope that inspires other students in our community that may have had a similar experience. “

Martinez is currently taking classes both on EPCC and UTEP.


He is also very grateful for the opportunity that the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars project (NCSA) has given him. 

“I went to school in Juarez, and thinking back, I would never had imagined I was going to have an opportunity like this, let alone pursue a science field. My family is very happy and supportive,” said Martinez. 


Martinez was aware of this project that the NCAS was going to held on late spring due to one of his professors.


Fan Chen, a differential equations professor at EPCC, who helps students by giving them information on different programs and how to apply for them, and also to take advantages of the opportunities that EPCC offers. 

According to a press release emitted by Jim Heiney, Professor Dr. Christian Servin, knows that this opportunity will help Martinez in his future career. 

“This unique opportunity will increase Reynaldo’s research skills as well as exposing him to work on real-life scenarios that NASA is currently working. I know this research experience working at NASA will provide the perfect environment for him to develop his research interests in the Computer Science field once he transfers to UTEP and work in a computational research lab,” said EPCC Professor, Dr. Christian Servin.


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