ISC to treat students with free food

October 25, 2016

 Today, Oct. 26, the Instructional Service Center (ISC) will provide free food for students, as a part of the student appreciation day.


The event will happen at Valle Verde campus, building A, room A2427, from noon to 3 p.m.  

“We are expecting more than 500 students to come,” said Juergen Reske, technician at the ISC. 

This is the first year that the department is doing this for students, rather than an open house event—pizza, drinks and free stuff will be provided. 

The ISC department handed out tickets during the week to estimate    how many students are going to come. 

However, tickets are still available and students who stand in line today will be provided with one. 

Even if they run out of tickets they will not deny students food, Reske said. Students are welcome to write comments and suggestions on the back of said tickets. 

The main purpose of this event is “to let students know they help the college and to thank them,” said Reske.


"The department has been doing better, thus they are able to thank the students for using the resources the ISC provides. 
The money that is spent by printing copies stays within the college, rather than being taken away by a company. Reske explained that all the money that comes in from printing at the library leaves the campus, “



Spectrum is the company that has the printers at the library, and once a month a guy from Spectrum comes in and picks the money.”

Although the ISC focuses its services on professors, the students are more than welcome to benefit from the department.


Binding, printing and copies, laminations, business cards and even helping the student with layout of their homework are some of the resources the ISC gives students.

Reske added that over the last four years the ISC Valle Verde supervisor Laura Rosalez has improved the center they still strive for more.

“We don’t have lack of resources, we have lack of equipment,” he said.


He continued to state his plans for adding four more computers for students to use.


He would also like to have a lounge, so students and faculty can wait while their copies are ready. 

This is one of the busiest departments, since they work as a mailroom for the college, Reske mentioned that they receive about 50 students daily, almost 2,000 people weekly and provide services for about 700 faculty and staff members.

The ISC differentiates itself from the printing services at the library and the computer labs, by having a better quality and reasonable prices.  

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