Is EPCC safe according to Annual Security Report?

 To keep threats and danger from all campuses is the goal that the El Paso Community College Police Department strives for. 



The EPCC police department tries to ensure the safety of its students. More information on crime statistics and campus security can be found in the Annual Security Report.


The Annual Security Report was released on Friday October 1 for all faculty, staff and students to be informed of crime statistics on its campuses.

The Security Report is a law requirement to inform the community of the campus security policy and campus crime statistics. 

The Annual Security Report is to be complied with the Federal Law Clery Act and Violence Against Women Act, which was issued in November 8, 1990 for the incident of student Jeanne Clery in Lehigh University. 

It was in April 5, 1986 when Jeanne Clery was found dead in her campus dormitory at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Clery’s parents strongly believed that the incident occurred because of the  university’s failure to inform students about campus safety.

This triggered the outcome of the Clery Act to all colleges and universities that participate in student financial aid programs to disclose information about crime near or on campuses. 

“We intend to keep our community updated on crime statistics and to highlight our continued efforts in providing a safe learning environment,” said EPCC Police Department’s Capt. Joseph Barragan.


“The Tejano Training will provide help,  strategies, and resources in dealing with healthy relationships, consent and communication and ways to foster a positive learning environment on our campuses.”

In the report, one can find the statistics of crimes committed in the past three years, as well as information about how students can enlist in the Tejano Training. 

Although the report is 60 pages long, primordial information can be found throughout; including ways to avoid mishaps, important phone numbers, and program information. 

The Annual Security Report proves itself to be very informative and cautions students to be safe.

The report can be found at no cost in the EPCC Police Department and on the college website.

"It is important for EPCC to publish this report for several reasons, first to be in compliance with the Federal law (Clery Act and Violence Against Women Act), but more importantly, to inform the EPCC community – students, staff, and faculty of crime statistics, campus security, district policies related to sexual assaults, stalking, domestic/dating violence, and to provide information on resources available to help members of our community who may become a victim of a crime." said Barragan.

The El Paso Community College Annual Security Report does not relate to the open carry law.


However, on August 1, 2017, the Concealed Carry Law will take effect at EPCC. 

The report provides crime prevention information that is important for students, staff, and faculty to consider, for example registering for the Tejano Emergency Alert Notification System to be notified and aware of important situations that happen around all campuses. 


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