EPCC adopts Ramona Elementary

October 11, 2016

 In September, EPCC proudly announced that they have adopted Ramona Elementary as their third adoption for their elementary school adoption program.


This elementary will be the first adoption of YISD as they adopted on Oct. 21, 2013 Campestre Elementary and adopted Douglass two years after.

The main goal of this program is to create a college growing culture, meaning that they wish to make a comfortable setting once they are able to enter college, also establishing a stronger connection with this generation.

 They do so by having them visit EPCC.

“We want them to feel comfortable around our campus… so that when they are finally able to going EPCC they will be comfortable in their setting,” said Nita Corral-Nava, the Director of recruitment. 

Corral-Nava also stated that they wish to “familiarize the kids from pre-k to the 5th & 6th grade so that they have an avenue to go to college.” 

She believes that it is better to have the students be acquainted with the college at an early age, because when they are Seniors in high school it is late to create a college growing culture. 

The program was originally recruiting K-12, however when President Aranda came to EPCC he had brought this program from Texas Community College called “Adopting an Elementary School” and transported the structures initiative to the college which we all know of today. 

During what we like to call being accepted or the confirmation, the children are given backpacks with different type of goodies and school supplies inside, while also giving each one a t-shirt to represent the unity of the Early college and their Elementary school. 

Even though EPCC does not select the schools for their adoption, they show the obligation to be there for them for any school. 

Corral-Nava informs that they encourage volunteers to help their program to read to children and participate in events they have with their children. 

It’s a coproduction to the community as a college growing culture meaning that they wish to have more volunteers. 

For more information and interest on volunteering you may, contact them at (915) 831-2864.

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