Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children invites you to join their everyday life

October 4, 2016

 I'm not disappointed with this movie at all.


This is one of those films that’s really worth the money.



The peculiar children from Miss Peregrine's household loop bracing themselves for battle against the hollows.




I have no complaints, because I was never bored and there were not any irrelevant scenes, such as those found sometimes in Walt Disney or Pixar movies where you want the film to end before it even started.

So now that I know that there is a secret place for all peculiar children to go and camp, even if they do not have any peculiar abilities, it is a valid refuge.

I think for parents who want their children to have a fun time watching a movie, this is the best choice they can ever make.

You won´t waste your money and it is a perfect occasion for you to sit quietly and enjoy a happy and hilarious comedy.


Even young or older adults can have a lot of fun when watching the movie.

I believe that the scenography, which is made up of mostly cold colors and occaisionaly warm ones as well, seems digitalized in some scenes, but there is this haunted place full of magic, peaceful waving trees and natural forest that make us feel as if we were on the Wales or in a majestic setting of some sort.

Eva Green who plays Miss Peregrine is not bad, and I really felt she was making an effort to be the character she was supposed to be and she was sophisticated but not at all outdated.

Also, the appearance of most of the actors was neat and good-looking, even the protagonist Asa Butterfield in his paper as Jacob Portman looks clean in his clothing, with good diction and never seems nervous when developing his character.

I can say the cast is full of professional and conservative actors, who are experts in their field of acting.

 I was never tired of hearing the characters talk and the story had a simple and fluid rhythm that made us feel like we were part of the storyline.

I give this movie a 5/5 stars and highly recommend everyone to go see it. 

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