Keeping up with Kim's lack of sense

October 4, 2016


Kim Kardashian has been robbed at gunpoint at the very luxurious apartment she was staying at in Paris.


 On Monday just after midnight, Kim Kardashian had left an intimate fashion week reception and dinner while headed to her apartment in the Eighth Arrondissement.


This gave two men the opportunity to burst in and tie her up and gag her. They also escaped with nearly $9 million worth of jewelry.

Why she was alone and had valuable jewelry with her is unclear and questionable to many people. 

It almost seems as though she was trying to call the attention of all the criminals in Paris.

With many high–profile crimes in France, you would think she would be wearer of what she presents to social media as well as walking out in the streets of the city.

It also brings to mind of the reality stars’ security detail, where were they during the time of the crime?

In fact, security should have been on higher alert being that only a few days ago, Ms. Kardashian West has been tackled in the streets by a known celebrity stalker. 

Kardashian's robbery was so eventful that the mayor had to announce the streets of Paris were indeed safe for tourists.

As for Kanye West he reportedly walked off the stage during his performance in New York when informed of his wife’s attack.

Frankly, I would say that this famous celebrity has been so accustomed to living under the public eye that she forgets about the bigger threats in her life.

I am not saying she has asked to be put in this situation but it could have easily been an avoided robbery by either locking her jewelry away or not wearing so many shiny rocks out in public.

As unfortunate as this incident is, hopefully it will lead her to step up her security measures and realize her popularity can come at a bad expense.

 Buying a $4.5 million ring was not the most sensible choice. As well as getting off her high horse, she should really teach her children better values in life which is what should matter most. 

 If there is anything could be said about Kim Kardashian West’s robbery in Paris is that even with all her stardom and big butt, she cannot escape the gluttony of being famous.


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