Galán calls out for young latinos to vote

October 4, 2016

EPCC'S Administrative Services Center had the honor to host famous Latino Documentary Director, Hector Galán, last Thursday, Sept. 29.



Michael Inks/ Tejano Tribune

Renowned documentary fIlmmaker, Hector Galán, visited the El Paso Community College's Administrative Services Center, with Emily Loya, Executive Director of KCOS.




The presentation began with the director’s latest production, Willie Velasquez: Your Vote Is Your Voice.

The hour long documentary goes over Velasquez’s efforts in creating an opportunity for Latinos to have a voice and the right to vote.

After the documentary was over, honored guests – Belen Robles, Vanessa Camacho and Hector Galán – became available to answer any questions.

The trio shared with the audience the importance for not only young people to vote, but for everyone to have the right to do so.

“My husband and I have been voting in every election since we were eligible, and you know what we used to do?We would take our children with us because we wanted to stress to them the importance of them to vote,” said Belen Robles, member of EPCC’s Board of Trustees.


The screening also had a registration booth available and made sure to emphasize the importance of being a part of this year’s elections.

It was mentioned that early voting will take place Oct. 24 through Nov. 4 at assigned locations in the area prior to Nov. 8, Election Day.

Galán also mentioned the impact that Velasquez had on the Latino people even after his death.


Velasquez was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer, to which he lost his battle to in 1988. But even after he was gone, he remained an idol for the Chicano movement.

In 1995, Velasquez was awarded with The Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President Bill Clinton. Galán revealed that he had been gathering footage of “Willie,” as he called him, in his archives for at least 30 years.

The monumental moment was a surprise to all, especially Velasquez’s family.

“I think the Chicano movement that I went through and Willie…we really don’t have those types of leaders the way we did. The Chicano movement, I would say, yes the Chicano movement is over, really,” replied Hector Galán when asked his opinion of the Chicano movement today.

“The Latinos are a sleeping giant, I just hope that this time the giant wakes up,” said Galán.

The documentary director also mentioned that every year around a million Latinos turn 18, the legal age to vote, reiterating the importance for students and people of all ages to cast their vote and become involved.

“In this whole process, registration is just the beginning…find out exactly what each candidate and party stands for because it does make a difference,” added Robles.

Hector Galán’s documentary, Willie Velasquez: Your Vote is Your Voice, was premiered on Monday, Oct, 3 on KCOS-TV.

For more information regarding Galan's documentary, visit William C. Velasquez Institute’s Facebook page,


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