Early Alert Program seeks to support students in need

October 4, 2016

El Paso Community College is the best place to start.



Courtesy El Paso Community College Youtube

Valle Verde Campus Math Instructor, Fan Chen, participates in a faculty training video about the Early Alert Program.



Staff and Faculty constantly look for strategies to help every student become successful in their career.


The Early Alert Program is one of many offered by El Paso Community College.

“Students need to know that Early Alert is a good thing and we are here to help,” mentioned Sandra Lujan, Early Alert Program Director.

The Early Alert Program in addition with faculty, counselors and advisors are working together to help improve their student’s academic success.


This Program is not just used by EPCC only, but it has gained popularity at colleges across the country.

The purpose of this program is to help faculty identify the students who are struggling to achieve success in their courses.


Providing these strategies to help each student's academic success skills and as a result reducing the percentage of students who are on academic probation or suspension.



As mentioned by Sandra Lujan, “The primary goal of the Early Alert Program is to help our EPCC students succeed.”

Habitual tardiness, high rate of absenteeism or poor quality assignments are signs that a student is struggling to gain success in their courses.


This Early Alert Program platform will enable faculty to track student’s attendance and progress.


College students often go through the semester without understanding their academic progress or course grades.

After faculty is notified which students are failing to complete the courses requirements, the next step is taken.


Students are then notified by the professor and are informed on what needs to be done to prevent them from falling into probation.


Communication with their instructors will be an essential part of their progress.

Early Alert Advisors or a counselor will get in touch with the student to be able to address any problems that he or she may be having in the course.


Such communication will enable students with new resources to help their academic success.

This is a program that is made for students and faculty to work together, making a plan for the student to succeed.


The Early Alert Program, faculty and counselors understand that as students get more into the semester, things may get out of hand.


Students are encouraged to take advantage of resources EPCC resources provide for them.


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