Donald Glover's Atlanta showcases life struggles

October 4, 2016


 The newest series by the name of “Atlanta” has hit television screens on the FX channel.



New TV series "Atlanta" main characters (L-R) Earnest 'Earn' Marks, Alfred Miles, and Darius.



The show itself is directed, produced and stars writer, actor, and rapper Donald Glover.


Though others who listen to his hip-hop and contemporary R&B music might refer to him as Childish Gambino.

Glover has gone on to write for other successful shows and movies such as “30 Rock,” “Mystery Team,” “Clapping for the wrong reasons,” and now his own show “Atlanta.”


Donald Glover has also been known as an actor with a very successful track record as previously mentioned.

 Instead of talking about the creator of the show and his many accomplishments, let us actually talk about the show itself.

“Atlanta” starts off with Earnest ‘Earn’ Marks, a Princeton drop out who has a very low paying job at the airport.


He suddenly sees that his cousin Alfred Miles had recently gone viral on the internet and is known on the web as "Paper Boi."


Marks sees this opportunity to help out his cousin and become his manager while he tries to assist his family to get out of the rough life in the ghettos of Atlanta.

The show itself is a comedy-drama about the struggles a normal person who has randomly gained fame swept up from beneath their feet, while the other person is trying to capitalize on the other's stardom for their benefits to help their now famous family member get up in the world.

 The show covers the hard subjects that  people in Atlanta, Georgia face on a day to day basis.


Such as crimes, homophobia, losing the respect of your family, parents not really caring about your well-being because of the fact you ‘changed’ one way or another, police brutality, etc.

Atlanta knows how to mix comedy with drama.


One scene you’ll be thinking about a part where someone is talking to Marks on his problems and how he needs to better himself.


While in the same scene, he demands to have Marks eat his sandwich until promptly leaving.

I highly recommend "Atlanta" not just to a fan of Donald Glover's previous works, but also the fact that someone like him could make a show like this, is something that is impressive.

The camera work for this series  is perfect, the natural lighting is something that is truly spectacular and the writing and performances are to die for.


Something not a lot of people can say with other shows.


I definitely recommend you give this show a chance, especially if you are interested in the inner makings of music and living in Atlanta.



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