The Sad Fate of Pokémon Uranium

September 27, 2016


Pokémon has been a universally loved and respected game franchise for many years.




Pokemon characters, Raptorch, in battle mode.   



From the “Nintendo Gameboy,” to a financially successful card game, to an anime, to “Nintendo Wii U” titles like “Pokken Tournament” and appearances in the Wii U and 3DS exclusive “Super Smash Brothers.” 

It is not a surprise that Pokémon with its success would spawn things such as fan art, fan made music, remixes, etc.

But did you know that for nine years in the making, dedicated Pokémon fans have decided to create their very own free “Pokémon” game?

The game in question is Pokémon Uranium. 

The game features yourself playing as either a boy or a girl, catching the Pokémon of the Tandor Region.  

What makes this game special is the fact that there are new Pokémon that were created and you can still capture the Pokémon from the original series.

The objective is like every single other game, go around, catch old and new Pokémon and find 8 gyms, get 8 badges and go over to fight your Pokémon against the Elite Four and become a Pokémon master.

The one problem that the game itself has faced is its lack of availability. 

Only a few people including myself have the actual game and that’s because of Nintendo. 

Nintendo has a very odd history of taking things such as fan videos, remixes and games, and completely deleting them from the face of the internet. 

The team of Pokémon Uranium recently stated “Thank you all for playing.”


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