TX DoT free car seat inspections could save lives of many children

September 27, 2016


The Texas Department of Transportation is doing free car seat inspections to check if the car seats are properly installed. 

“It’s amazing that TX DoT is doing, I would love to get mine inspected,” said Paulina Tapia, student of EPCC.




Courtesy Michelle Luna

Matthew Cortez properly seated in car seat



According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3 out of 4 child car seats are not properly installed. 

Common errors while installing a car seat include: installing the seat too loosely; putting the harness straps through the wrong slots; leaving harness straps too loose; positioning the chest clip incorrectly; and using the wrong seat belt path. 

Texas law requires all children under 8 – unless they are taller than 4 feet 9 inches – to be in a car seat whenever they ride in a passenger vehicle.


Failure to properly restrain a child can result in a ticket of up to $250. 

In 2015, 83 children younger than 8-years-old were killed in traffic accidents in Texas. In 2014, that number was 81. 

“I believe that it is actually pretty hard to install a car seat and if you’re constantly moving it from two different cars every single time to do the whole process, it takes a while, so in my opinion either the parents are lazy or they just don’t know,” Tapia said. 

The goal for this program is to educate parents and caregivers in Texas about the importance of buckling their child into the correct car seat for their age and size.

 It’s not just about the law, but also about trying to save lives through proper use of safety seats.

“We’ve been on the bridges helping people to cross over to make sure they have their car seats properly installed so they don’t get tickets,” said Jennifer Wright, agent of the Texas Department of Transportation. 

If you're a student with children or know parants with small children, it is highly encouraged to attend this inspection, not just to avoid a ticket, but to make sure your children are safe. 


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