Signing up for Honors Program gives students an edge

September 27, 2016

Students who are looking to challenge their learning capacities should sign up for the EPCC honors program before Oct.14. The program only has one requirement, having at least a 3.25 GPA.




Courtesy Luis Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant Cecilia Avalos working on the honors program.




 The process to enroll in the honors program is fairly simple, as stated before the only requirement is having a 3.25 GPA (being an international student or an out-of-state student does not affect eligibility for the program). 

Students should decide which class they want to complete honors credits in, after that they would have to approach the professor so both of them can sign a contract stating the objectives to follow. 

The best part of the contract is that if the student decides to withdraw from the program, or fails to complete the objectives, the class grade will not be affected.

 The objectives vary for each teacher, although some of them may include a research paper, a presentation, maintaining a certain grade, or doing community service.  

The honors program has many benefits for the students who decide to enroll in it, the most prominent one being the distinction of graduating with honors in their degree, which is awarded to students who complete 15 honor credit hours.

Administrative assistant Cecilia Avalos thinks otherwise; she says that the most important benefit is that it gives honor students and advantage. 

“It gives students an edge,” said Avalos as she talked about some other benefits of the program, which include building their curriculum, allowing them a real life experience in their field and an advantage while applying for scholarships. 


Lastly, tier four of at least 21 credit hours, earns the student distinctive cords, which can be worn among their previously achieved prizes at their graduation ceremony. All these prizes are free of charge.

Avalos said that if she were to hire for a certain position and there were two applicants with the same GPA, a masters degree, and the same capabilities, she would choose the one who graduated with honors. 

“That person shows that they were more dedicated and put more effort onto their education,” stated Avalos. 

“I enjoy helping the students, being able to help,” Avalos went on to say, when asked about the biggest satisfaction she gets from being part of the program.


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