Renowned documentary filmmaker, Hector Galan, visits EPCC

September 27, 2016


“I want to tell the truth.” said visionary film director Hector Galan when asked what drove him to produce film documentaries which encompass the heart and spirit of the Chicano population.




Hector Galan



According to KCOS general manager, Emily Loya, “this is a great opportunity for EPCC to have a chance to meet with Galan who is a prominent film director in the Hispanic community and has taken special time out of his schedule to be here.”

Galan will be visiting at the ASC boardroom for the screening tomorrow evening, Sept. 29, starting at 6. This is also part of the many Hispanic heritage events going on through the middle of October.

Growing up in San Angelo, Texas, Galan discovered the power of television and the way it could shape ones’ thoughts. 

As a kid, Galan never had any major Latino role models to look up to on television which kindled his burning desire to become an important figure in the Chicano community. 

When Galan graduated high school, he decided to pursue a higher education at Texas Tech majoring in Mass Communication.


He didn’t know it then, but the skills he obtained while enrolled would prove to be monumental when creating his own production company, “Galan Inc. Television/Film” in 1984. 

Now with his own production company and a title under his name, he is able to produce documentaries which embody the Mexican spirit and heart. 

In the current film industry there is a shortage of Mexican film makers. In just recent time, the Academy awarded a Mexican film director the graces of obtaining “Best Director” award. 

This is why Galan is a rare and unique visionary. Not only as he produced epic documentaries, but he has had the privilege of screening one of his films at the White House, obtaining the approval of former President Bill Clinton. 

Galan has not only made his dreams reality but he has soared to levels higher in which he ever thought were possible of achieving.

When prompted to describe his biggest success he claimed that each film, which has his name on it, is a success worthy of its own.


Galan produces films on Mexican heritage in order to educate the population of its culture. 

“I believe our work is better.” said Galan when asked why he is infatuated with Hispanic culture. 

If there is one thing which the community could take from his films, it would be that the history of our Mexican ancestors isn’t pretty.


Besides the violence which ensued, Hispanic history has personal tales of poverty and faith which Galan shows with detail. 


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