Blair Witch will have you on the edge of your seat

September 27, 2016


Adam Wingards’ 2016 film, Blair Witch, will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire duration of the film.




Callie Hernandez, who plays Lisa Arlington, in the Blair With Project sequel.



The film opens with the main character, James (James Allen McCune), watching a YouTube video of the last known video recording of his sister, Elizabeth.


The video shows Elizabeth going into a cabin in the woods where a woman begins to scream. 

When the video is found by a local couple, a search party is assembled. However, the cabin mysteriously disappears and Elizabeth is never found.

James and his friends, Ashely (Corbin Reid) and Peter (Brandon Scott), decide that they are going to go to the woods where Elizabeth was taken. A young woman, Lisa (Callie Hernandez), goes along with the group because she is doing a video documentary for a class assignment of James’ experience.

Since the group is unaware of the exact location of where the video of Elizabeth was found, they meet up with the couple who uploaded the video, Talia (Valoria Curry) and Lane (Wes Robinson).

Talia and Lane take the group of friends where the video was found, they all camp in the woods overnight. Throughout the night, they experiences strange noises.

They awake confused when they realize that they have slept until 2 p.m. Also, they are surrounded by strange figures made from twigs. It is later revealed that Talia and Lane are responsible for the figures that surround the camp.


Talia and Lane are banished, but not before it is revealed that they are lost.

As James and his friends search for where they parked the car, an injury that Ashley obtained during the journey to the camp site begins to become troublesome. 

After the group rest, they begin their search for the car once more. However, the group stumbles back into their original campsite, and it is revealed that the group has been traveling in circles. 

James and his friends decide to stay at the campsite for one more night so that Ashley may rest her injury. 

At this point, the movie takes an interesting turn as one by one the group members begin to disappear. Also, the sun no longer rises, and it is night time constantly.

Eventually, James and Lisa stumble upon the cabin where they encounter a strange creature. James reveals a secret that will keep them alive.

Although the film will keep the viewer on the edge of their seat with “jump-scenes,” it fails to provide an adequate story line and explanation of what’s going on.

Even though the movie lacks specific details that would benefit the story line, I still recommend this film.

I give the Blair Witch 3 out of 5 stars.

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