Apple's new iPhone 7 is a turn off

September 27, 2016


Apple’s new iPhone 7 was rumored to not have a headphone jack and it turned out to be gruesomely true. This idea was hated by mostly everyone that I knew.

“How am I going to listen to music? Am I going to have to purchase wireless earphones? What if I can’t afford new headphones? Why are they doing this to us?”


Many questions were forming before the rumors were even confirmed. 

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said, “our smartphones are packed with technologies, faster processors and all of it fights for space.”  

Basically saying the headphone jack had to be sacrificed in order for this new version of the iPhone to be as great as the public expected it to be.


For music lovers like myself, however, we do not agree with this decision that the Apple team has reached. 

When purchasing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, the phone will ship with an adaptor so that you can continue to use your wired headphones. 

It honestly doesn’t look great and I’m positive people are going to be bothered when listening to music on the go because they’re going to have to carry an extra cable around.


Plus, if you lose the adaptor, Apple will charge you 9$ for a replacement.

As a result of them removing the headphone jack, they obviously had to come out with wireless headphones.


Sadly, these wireless things called “Airpods” are almost $160 in price and only last around five hours on a single charge. 

Not to mention, they are small and I can already see myself losing them five seconds before I even get them out of their box. 

Other than that, I don’t have any other concerns about this phone or the rest of its features. 

Still a fan of other Apple products such as their computers but honestly I would just stick to my iPhone 6 for as long as I can.

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