Architecture Society ready to demolish Canstruction Contest

September 20, 2016


This year The EPCC Architecture Society has been invited to compete in the El Paso Canstruction Contest beginning Saturday, Sept. 24 through Oct. 28 at Sunland Park Mall. 


Courtesy EPCC Arch Soc


EPCC Architecture Society.

Competitors are to come up with their own design and build it entirely out of sealed and boxed goods. The food will then be donated to local food banks. 

EPCC has chosen to build “Corner of The Parthenon,” a building that the Romans have been credited with building.


The Tejanos are preparing with all the necessary goods but could always use a helping hand. The last day for donations is Friday, Sept. 16.

If any current EPCC Architecture students wish to lend a hand, Professor Moreno, in room A1602 at the Valle Verde campus, would be glad to get you on board. 

This contest has three main specifics that the judges will be looking at: structure, design, and meal. Design wise, the Architects cannot draw on the labels but use them as they are.


This is why all cans of a specific part of the Parthenon must be of the same brand.

To go along with the Roman theme, The Architecture Society has chosen to enter their building as “A Hellenistic Temple.” For those unaware of the term, Moreno explained that “Hellenistic, was a time when the Romans started adopting Greek design.”

So under the meal category, the team will enter it as an Italian theme.

Some foods include “Campbell’s Chicken Alfredo Soup, Hunt’s Tomato Sauce, American Beauty Lasagna, Healthy Harvest Full Grain Spaghetti, Red Olives, and also Boboli Pizza Crust.”

So how exactly did the contestants get the dimensions of the building and the exact number of cans that will be needed?

“Student and co-faculty advisor, Crystal linstrum, built a 3D rendering on a program named Rhino,” according to Moreno.

This process has not been a walk in the park, but more of a marathon and there are still some ways to go.


The EPCC team has been working on this since the summer and they are hoping their efforts will pay off in the coming weeks.

Some notable competitors at the contest will include UTEP, Texas Tech, and other independent parties as well.


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