New RPG Krai Mira feels old

September 13, 2016


With Wasteland 2, and last year’s Fallout 4 being a disappoint for many fans that enjoyed the original, many were left wondering if they would ever get their hands on an old school post-apocalyptic RPG again.


Krai Mira makes an earnest yet buggy attempt to fill that role.

Krai Mira does a few things well that puts it past its predecessors.



Krai Mira's default character. 



The post-apocalyptic landscape and cities are well designed and convey how the island is dealing with a recent apocalyptic event.


The little towns you come across feel as if they’re just one stiff breeze from falling into shambles. While many of the areas look nice, they can’t cover up some of Krai Mira’s biggest flaws.



One thing that I had a love/hate relationship with in Krai Mira was the dialogue. Everything reads as if it was ran through Google Translate, and then hastily pasted back into the game.


At times couldn’t help but laugh at some of the roughly translated dialogues. Other times I was frustrated with it due to quests being poorly explained or information that seemed important, coming out garbled.


This wouldn’t be that much of problem if it wasn’t for the fact that story and dialogue are the most important factors in a Role Playing Game.

Making and leveling up your character also brings some problems to the table. For some reason you don’t get to make your own character, you can only change the name.


Armor and weapons requires that you have a certain amount of points in your stats such as strength or perception.


While this isn’t a problem when it comes to weapons, due to the limited amount of armor that you’ll find that often gets heavier and requires that you put more points in the constitution stat even if you didn’t plan on it.

Also the perks, which already suffer from the bad translation, offer very little variety due to how they’re distributed.


Unlike Fallout, or most other RPG games that offer all the available or attainable perks, in Krai Mira you’re only given the option between a few each time you level up.


As you level up more, perks slowly become available, but mostly offer benefits towards melee characters.

Other issues show up when duking it out in the wasteland. How armor works isn’t really explained all that well, and some weapons that seem like improvements feel weaker than the ones you had before. 

The Action Point system, and radiation poisoning mechanics are also poorly explained, and feature some bugs.


The ability to choose turn-based (enemies and the player take turns) or real time (everybody moves at the same time) is a nice option, it can easily be taken advantage to make large group fights easier since enemies will just end up getting in each other’s way in real time combat.


Sometimes enemies freeze up during their turn for no reason.

Also, when attacked with weapons such as flamethrowers, the damage doesn’t show properly.

Finally the lack of ability to give your partners better armor or weapons, or health items (you can only give them health only before or after battles) leads to some problems when trying to keep them alive.

Krai Mira looks nice on the surface but becomes rough as you go further in.


The poor amount of player feedback, mistranslated information, and bugs would be an absolute turn off to anyone looking for an introduction into classic RPGs. 

While the developers are still adding content for free and updating the game, as the game stands at the moment I could only recommend it to those who have previous experience classic turn-based RPGs.


If you’re still interested in Krai Mira you can try a free demo at, or pick it up when it’s on sale.


I give Krai Mira a 6 stars out of 10.

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