Thirteen 09 is a unique and welcoming experience

July 13, 2016

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Fine dining is always a new experience for me. 


Going to Thirteen 09 was a very different experience, not because of the price or the texture of the food, but simply because of the environment. 


Before I stepped into Thirteen 09, I imagined that it would be similar to the El Paso restaurant, Cafe Central.  However, that is far from the case. 


The host was more open than any host I have seen, and the waitress was very inviting and attentive.  


I ordered the Walnut Crusted Tilapia, while the people I was with seemed to prefer something more delightful.  


With my meal came a pre-appetizer, an appetizer, a pallet cleaner, the entree and a dessert. 


My appetizer wasn’t that great, maybe it was because I ordered the Watermelon Gazpacho, which was similar to a cold soup. 


On the other hand, my girlfriend ordered a cheese and berries platter, that I drooled over. All that kept playing in my mind was that, “you know you love berries and cheese, why in the world would you order a watermelon soup?”


Though, I was disappointed in the Gazpacho, my taste buds were revived with what seemed to be something that clears your pallet. 


It was called an Intermezzo. 


The small shot of delight was amazing and left me longing for more. It was tangy but sweet. 


It was a shot of a white wine, with a very small scoop of sherbet and a small piece of oregano to top it off. 


No more than seven minutes after the Intermezzo, we received our entree. 


Even though I wasn’t impressed with my entree, the dessert I ordered was delicious. My dessert came on a plate that had strawberry shortcake, chocolate mousse and cheesecake. 


After we were completely finished with the meal, the chef came out and asked us about our experience. He was very personal and open for any critiques.


With all the good and slightly bad things I experienced at Thirteen 09, I can say that it is very hard to tell that the staff consisted of students. 


All-in-all, the greatness of my experience outnumbered the bad and I feel everyone should go to Thirteen 09 at least once. 


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