New dean's unique perspective

June 28, 2016

Ebonee Norris / Tejano Tribune

(L-R) Norma Hinojos (Administrative Assistant), Dr. Carlos Amaya (Dean of Architecture, Arts, Math, and Science) , Guadalupe Nieto (Administrative Associate) and Ceci Avalos (Honors Program Office Assistant).



El Paso Community College (EPCC) had a new Dean step into office on June 1. 

Dr. Carlos C. Amaya has been promoted from a Biology Professor to the Dean of Architecture, Arts, Math and Science.

“A selection committee hired me as the Dean. There was a big committee –at least 10 people. I went and interviewed. After I left, I was nervous, but I felt good about it. It all seems like a blur now. But I remember that there were a whole bunch of faculty members who represented the disciplines that are in this division. This is a huge division,” said Amaya.

Amaya has a Master’s degree in Biology and a Doctorate in Quantitative Biology that he received from the University of Texas at Arlington.

“Although, I do not have a degree in all of the subjects that I am the Dean of, they are all related to my field,” said Amaya. “I am least familiar with Architecture and Art, but I see those in Science. One of the reasons we choose textbooks is because of the art. So, we look to make sure that the art is communicating some concept.


So, there’s a connection. There’s even a connection between the way things get built and the way nature works.”

Though Amaya is excited about his new position as Dean, he will miss being a professor.

“I am going to miss teaching. I am going to miss being with the students the most. I love seeing my students succeed. I even enjoy seeing them struggle, and overcome their obstacles. I’ve had great students who’ve struggled all semester, and then in the end –succeed. Even those who don’t succeed –sometimes come back and say that they’ve learned a lot from not being successful,” said Amaya.

But Amaya is settling into his new surroundings.

“I have such a great staff. This office does not run without the help of Norma, Guadalupe, and Ceci. They make things happen here," said Amaya. 

They are the ones that the students see first when they come in here. The staff is so friendly and always have a smile on their faces,” said Amaya.

Amaya’s coworkers had nothing but nice things to say about him as well.

“Dr. Amaya has a really positive attitude and view of the future within the division. I believe it is going to be a great experience to walk along side of him,” said Norma Hinojos, Administrative Assistant of the department. “What I admire is his open door policy for students and faculty, which is a reflection of a great leader.”

“He is a really nice boss. He came into this building and did things that we did not expect. He met with us right away and asked us to explain what it is that we do around the office,” said Guadalupe Nieto, Administrative Associate of the department. 

Amaya’s office is located at building M in room 109K at the Valle Verde campus. 


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