Expanding programs get new dean

June 28, 2016


After five years, the Dean of Architecture, Arts, Math and Science moves to different department.

Maria Antonieta Badillo is now the Dean of Dual Credit & Early College High School –a newly created position.




Ebonee Norris / Tejano Tribune

Dean Maria Badillo settling into her new office.


“This position did not exist before I became dean. The reason I agreed to serve in this role is because, before I became the Math and Science Dean, I was the Early College High School Initiative Coordinator for four years or so. I worked with the first four Early Colleges.


Then, when I became dean, I worked with two of the Early Colleges –Valle Verde and Clint,” said Badillo.


“I guess because of my previous experience with Dual Credit, it seems like a good fit for me to take on this role.”

Due to the increased growth of the Early College High School (ECHS) program, the department was in need of a dean. 

Since it is a new position, the Dean of ECHS is setting the standards for future deans of the position.

“I am making up position as I go. This is a brand new position. I have some general guidelines from my president, but details are being worked out day-by-day. Everyday there is one more thing that I need to address,” said Badillo.


“It’s going to be interesting. My job and the goals that I am setting, they are not going to be a light switch.

Everyday I hope to see something working out a little bit better.”

The ECHS program allows high school students to earn college credits while remaining in high school.


Students enrolled in the program have the opportunity of graduating from high school not only with their diploma, but also an Associate’s degree from El Paso Community College (EPCC). 

Badillo explained several benefits of the program.

“We are not collecting tuition from the high school students. But as President Serrata would say, “it is an investment.”


Students who take even one Dual Credit class are more likely to graduate, transfer and complete a degree. So, it's really an investment for students to pursue a higher education and succeed,” said Badillo. “The benefit is really planting that seed.”

Benefits for students do not end there.

“The top percentile of ECHS get a lot of money millions of dollars in scholarships,” said Badillo. “Our waving tuition is a scholarship to come to us. If they transfer to UTEP, UTEP provides opportunities for scholarships as well.”

There are no different requirements for the high school students than the requirements needed for students who already have their High School Diplomas. 

High school students interested in enrolling in the ECHS program should visit http://www.epcc.edu/earlycollegehighschool/Pages/default.aspx. 


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