A cheapskate’s guide to community college

June 28, 2016


At some point, during all the tests, late nights studying, the expensive books, annoying classmates and the rude professors, one has to ask themselves, is it all worth it? 

More specifically, is college worth it? 

Like most things in college, I don’t know the answer. It’s been a wild five years I’ve spent at a two-year college. 
I can’t tell you the first thing about economics, philosophy, or anything I’ve learned in class. 

But I can tell you the many things I’ve learned from college. 

In high school, I had dreams of moving far, far away. Perhaps, own a puppy and an apartment with a friend or two, and declare our youth and independence. 

Those dreams quickly collapsed when I realized the cost of groceries, gas, phone bills and dog food. That’s why I’ve decided to put my pride aside and stay with my parents for just a bit longer. 

Nothing beats mom’s cooking, and if you ever run into car troubles, good ol’ dad will be there to fix things. 

If you are one of the few that did move out and are still going through some sort of “I’m independent –I don’t need anyone” phase, it’s time to grow up. Give your parents a call, apologize and move back into your old room, quickly.

Although living home with your parents is beneficial, there are still many ways your financial stability is in jeopardy

Every semester students waste money on things they really don’t need. The school bookstore is an example of a place where students spend unnecessary money. 

Students, under no circumstance, should ever set foot in the school’s bookstore. Unless, to read the student newspaper. 

As for binders, pens and everything else, students could always reuse last semester’s supplies.
Another step to financial stability is to skip out on buying your textbooks.

Instead, start a conversation with a classmate and ask them if they would like to be your friend. Then, pop the question.

“Can we share a textbook?” 

Be confident, smile and do not break eye contact. They will undoubtedly say yes, and you will have saved $60.

So, you’re almost done with the semester and your inner cheapskate is in full swing, but you still haven’t answered the big question, “is college worth it?” 

I’m not sure. 

Maybe, all those tests, junk foods, late nights, expensive books, annoying classmates and the rude professors are what make it worth it in the end. 

And yes, I am talking in the sort of sappy, emotional pay off way. 

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