Director James Wan is conjuring up fear once again

June 14, 2016

 Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes Website

Vera Farmiga stars once again in horror flick "The Conjoring 2," which opened on June 10.



The Conjuring 2, directed by James Wan who is famously known for other horror films such as Saw and Insidious, is able to place fear in his audiences once again with the sequel to The Conjuring. 

Based on a true story, the plot of the film is centered around real life incidents that occurred in North London from 1977 to 1979 –where a ghost terrorizes the Hodgson family. 

This sequel is able to capture the family’s fear of an 11-year-old child, Janet Hodgson, who is possessed by a demonic spirit. 

Six years after the investigation of the first Conjuring, Ed and Lauren Warren are approached by a priest who is looking to give them a case in London. 

Startled by what the priest shows them, Lauren Warren is hesitant to take on the case because of her previous experience, which is now giving her visions that she feels is a sign to stop helping people with demonic problems. 

Quick to reassure her that everything will turn out fine, Ed Warren reminds her that her gift can save people. 

That being said, they accept the mission and make their way to London where they will face the demonic spirit.

Making great use of the classic jump worthy scares, suspense and a bit of a twist, this film surprisingly also comes along with some scenes that are a bit comical, sweet and romantic. 

As you are rooting for the characters to survive this terrible demon, Director Wan is able to leave his audience at the edge of their seats with their eyes covered –wondering what will happen next.  

The sequel seems to effectively remind viewers of how it feels being afraid of the dark and having to wonder what’s under the bed.

With scenes that are goose bump worthy, chemistry on the set and embracing the stereotypical clichés of horror films is all successfully done in the Conjuring 2. 

Appearing to be a much scarier version of The Exorcist, viewers will be expecting the worst with all the dark demons and suspenseful scenes that are sure to have the any and all viewer hiding under their seat.  

I give the film 5 out 5 stars. 

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