Merging Liberal Arts with STEM

May 3, 2016


From April 28 through Friday April 29, the EPCC Northwest campus library hosted the Connecting Pillars of Knowledge: Student Conference Merging Liberal Arts with STEM. 


The Northwest campus has hosted other student expos before this one.  


Recently both the Science café, and science expo have been successful ways for the science students to exhibit their research, and present their findings to their peers.  


Both of these events were organized by Dr. Rebecca Escamilla from the Biology department at the Northwest campus. 


From there, Crisol Escobedo had the idea to create a similar event for the liberal arts students at the Northwest campus. 


Through discussion with other departments it was evident that there was interest for all students to have an outlet for their work of any type, to be showcased. 


“This idea was presented at the beginning of the year to the faculty and instructors from various fields signed up to be part of the committee,” Robert Moreno, from the Chemistry Department said. 


“And give input as to how their students could best take advantage of this opportunity.” 


"Liberal Arts and STEM have long been merged fields in the professional world, scientists need to be able to write eloquently about their work, and convey their ideas effectively. 


"These are skills that are obtained in English, speech, and literature courses,” said Moreno. 


“Artists need to know all about their medium and materials, the way it works, its limits, and its potential, these concepts are learned in science courses.” 


Decision making and leadership roles in all fields involve ethics and an insight into how the mind works, skills that are learned in philosophy and psychology courses. 


According to Moreno, “The benefits of a merged conference is exposing students to the reality that regardless of their career paths. 


"Every skill and every course they learn can acquire here at EPCC will benefit them greatly in the future.” 


Students are able to get the most out of this merger with new experiences available at the college.


“The main benefits for the students are the ability to interact with other student populations they may not have had much experience with.  


"The science students will be able to see the fascinating work done by history students. 


"The philosophy students will be able to admire the talent and creativity coming out of our art department,” explained Moreno. 


“These kinds of examples can go on and on.  


"Through the continuous collaboration between all fields of study, the students will learn how to best succeed in their professional atmosphere.


"Preparing the students for the future is one of our primary focuses.”


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